Exhibition at Vandalorum, Värnamo 4.6 – 4.9 2016

Vandalorum2016 kopia

….the impossible….

To work through a difficult loss. To look for something that makes you listen. Someone who talks to you through the darkness. Someone who makes you start understanding yourself. So that you realize the necessity of the journey, through your long memory jungle, to end in an open glade, a place where you gently protect the bright memory. A place where you don’t close your eyes or dodge for the sorrow, but on the contrary accept it with open eyes and let it exist alongside the more distant but yet always present memory.

It comes down to taking responsibility for the fragility in the existence. To protect what is left of a spiritual metamorphosis which excludes all forms of dogmas or tyranny and instead improves the status for poetry and the continuous possibilities of interpreting nature.

A human being who had grown up with great loss and grief in her life eventually found a book in her parents’ bookshelf. It was “The Impossible” by Göran Sonnevi. There she found a language which describes the threatened life, war and death, but also beauty, nerve tickling riddles and an endless love for all things growing and living. It became the glade of light which was needed to fix together something that had been broken and turn it into something complete and whole, inspiring and developing.

We are body. We are memory. We are light. We are darkness. It is with a sense of gratitude and excitement we present this exhibition.

Cecilia Kraitz
Mikael Bertmar

All poems in the exhibition are from the book “The impossible” by Göran Sonnevi, published by Bonniers in 1975.